If you are a keen sports lover, then online betting is something that suits your taste. Online betting is the most popular pastime among players now-a-days apart from casino games. If you take a look at the past culture of India, Gambling is favorite pastime from the age of Mahabharata. With the advancement of internet online betting is getting more and more popular worldwide. Not only sports, there is betting on politics, lotteries, horse racing, football, e-sports, motor sports and much more which is not available at online betting sites. Also the provision to pay in Indian rupee has increased the customers to a huge number.

Legal online betting India according to Information Technology Act 2000 in which there is a provision for criminal offences in online betting but nothing is mentioned that it is illegal. So online betting is legal in most of the states of India.

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Popular sports for online betting in India

1. Cricket:
Cricket has huge fan followers in India. India’s vast population contributes to online betting and million-dollar betting industry prevails. One of the most betted sports is cricket. From IPL (Indian Premier League) to 20-20 overs matches, test matches and one day matches, every form of cricket is being betted upon by Indian players.

2. Kabaddi:
Kabaddi is one the most liked traditional game of India. Whether its World Kabaddi League or Pro Kabaddi League you can wager on any Kabaddi tournament. Since India has won many Kabaddi Leagues and tournaments so the popularity is more among Indian players. Whether it’s a betting app, laptop or desktop, or cell phone / tablet, you can enjoy the thrill of the world of professional kabaddi at any time.

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3. Horse Racing:
Horse Racing is the most royal and traditional and oldest sport all over the world from the centuries. As horse racing is legal in India. Anyone can bet on the outcome of the match – this is bread and butter for any sports enthusiast who just wants to have fun. There are various bets that can give you real money and that too in Indian Rupees.

4. Motor sports betting:
Motor racing is another lavishing sport where bet can be placed to predict the winner, pole position and so on. The motor sports betting can be on both bikes and cars. So there are many chances of winning the bets. Motor sports include superbikes racing, sport cars racing, off road racing etc.

5. Football betting:
Football is the most loved sport in European countries but now in India too it is favorite game for many. There are innumerable sites for football betting that are now available for Indian players.

Live betting

Online betting is fun but live betting can give you thrilling experience. In live betting you can place bets on the sports that are taking place currently. There is more number of chances to win the betting when you bet on live sport(s). There are many games that provide such an exciting feature. From cricket to kabaddi, motorsports, horse racing, football all are available for live betting at most of the online betting sites.

Betting Bonus

In the competitive world of sports betting, sports bookmakers offer different bonuses to attract more and more players to their website. These bonuses are also there to allow players to bet as they try to “earn” the bonus. Sign-up bonuses can vary greatly across websites, both in terms of size and freedom requirements.

New user/sign up/welcome bonus

It is the bonus offered by every sports betting site to their players once they sign-up with their website. It can be either the welcome bonus or the fraction of the amount deposited by user during first deposit. The percentage can vary from 10% to 50% of the amount deposited. Some of the sites also provide more than 50% of the actual money paid by the user.

Free bets

Free bets last as long as online bookies are designed, pure and simple to encourage you to open an account. The hope is – from the bookies perspective – that you will blow the free bet and then continue to spend your hard-earned money to chase big wins and increase their profit margins overall. For example, if you deposit 100 rupees and you have placed a bet of 100 rupees on some sport then you can get free bet of some amount may be same as the bet is placed by you or somewhat less than that. So in this there is no fear of losing the money rather the extra money is credited to your wallet.

High Roller Bonus

This bonus is for the players who have large bank rolls or those who place large bets. It is a type of deposit bonus for VIP players who are playing on the betting website for a very long time.

Reload Bonus

This bonus is offered by selective sites on some particular event or occasion. In order to maintain the customers on the site this bonus is given out to regular players. After registering on the site and after placing one bet; then this bonus is offered. The bonus offered is somewhat less than if we compare it to welcome bonus.

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No deposit bonus

In this bonus, the player need not to deposit any amount. This bonus is offered when you sign up. Some amount is transferred to your wallet so that you can place bets without depositing any amount. In this case there is no fear of losing money. No deposit bonus is suitable for the new users who don’t want to put their money on risk and who want to test the website with free money or low amount of bets.

Deposit bonus

This bonus is rewarded to the players when they deposit some amount of money in their account after signing up on the website. Some part of the deposited amount is credited to the players account.