The sound of the hardwoods of the willow, the spin of the sport with the likes of chess strategy and the difference of obsession over the clouds; the spread of the spirit of cricket and gambling around the world is quite large.

Indians love cricket more than the national sport. No other country can have more followers of cricket than India. Cricket is indeed the most popular sport all over the world. Seeing cricket with friends or family is always comfortable and super appealing. But nothing gets that exciting going on like betting on it.

It is not surprising, with the popularity of cricket in India, that it will attract more people to bid on the competition. You will find options for betting on IPL, international T20’s, test matches and other events around the world. Sports betting are becoming more and more popular among sports fans in India due to its popularity.

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How to do cricket betting?

By starting a weapon season with detailed information, it is possible to analyze head-to-head information for each match in the summary. This will provide a number of exciting matches as well as opportunities to identify players poised to dominate the top competition and top bowls. You can also claim a betting bonus to get the most out of your cricket betting.

Some examples of cricket bets

Series winner
The most popular bet on a cricket match is, of course, the result of the match. In limited over’s there are the two possibilities, one of which can win. In the test matches we have the third possible result, which of course is the draw.

Man of the match
Another popular bet is who will be the man of the match and another bet can be placed on which team the top batsman belongs to.  There may be separate bets for first and second innings in Test match or first class. Like in sports, some players have an x-match that enables their competitors to place in a unique, match-winning style. The bamboo maker known for keeping hundreds of firecrackers or bow-wielders willing to send in unmatched letters he used to be the first candidate to pay out in person which is man of the Match.

Top bowler
Bet can also be placed on which bowler take the highest number of wickets in a test would match, series or world cup.

Coin toss
First bet that you can place on cricket is which team caption will win the toss. There is further another bet that toss winner caption will chose to do batting or bowling first.

Cricket Betting - Bet On Indias Favourite Sport

Bonuses on Cricket betting

When it comes to betting for profits, it comes down to how much chance you get at the end of the day. A competitive betting cricket website increases your chances of getting a relatively higher amount out of your winnings. The best way to improve your odds is to join a betting site that offers the best odds. You can also sign up for various online bookies. If you are not satisfied with the odds of a particular cricket match, you can immediately switch to the one that offers better odds.