After sports betting e-sports betting is increasing its fan following at a jaw dropping rate. It is gaining the momentum day by day and also on a rapid pace. Betting on e-sports is a big thing right now. This (comparative) type of new forecast has received a slow start, but it has increased dramatically over the past few years.

The growth potential is so explosive that it is estimated that the global gaming industry will be nearly $10 billion by 2022. E-sports and online games are gradually becoming a popular pastime and source of entertainment in India. With the passage of time, internet connectivity in major parts of India has improved to many folds. And of course, with good speed you can bet online for sure.

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What is E-sports betting?

The e-sports are the abbreviation or short form for electronic gaming, and it refers to video games. Playing games competitively on a professional level is growing around the world. Today many players work full-time with playing these games. Millions of people watch the E-sports around the world, and so of course betting on the sport is only natural.

How to do e-sports betting?

E-Sports betting is just as true as traditional sports betting. In e-Sports, the form of betting is a winning or competitive match, also known as Money line bet (Pinnacle), Head-to-head bet , Straight bet and many others.

As there are many different types of games, there are many different types of bets. After deciding your favourite game and learn how it works, betting will become second nature.

Popular E-sports games:

If we talk about e-sports the most trending game now-a-days is PUBG game that is played at millions scale in India. Battlefield, call of duty and several other games are in a row that is trending worldwide.

The top e-sports tournament sites have a wide coverage of the five main games. These include League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, CS:GO and PUBG.

E-sports Betting - Bet On Video Games Online

E-sports betting bonuses

Everybody loves the rewards, and if you are looking to increase the quality of your e-sports gambling, then you need to take a look at the best betting sites for better bonuses and promotions. All of the e-sports betting sites will be interested in new customers. This leads to them providing better wagering requirements so as to increase traffic to their site.

These benefits can be anything from a bonus to a bet. And sometimes to get a refund if you lose the bet. Most casinos welcome new customers at the casino, but you can also find special offers for existing players. This includes e-sports betting.