You don’t even need to be a football fanatic to know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. He is an international football superstar who has changed the game of football and expectations for player performances globally. Football, also known as soccer is by far the most popular live sports betting game internationally.

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How to bet on Football

There are a few Football betting tactics you can use when devising your winning strategy. Some are simpler than others but we will give you a couple of beginner, intermediate and advanced tips to develop your own winning strategy below.

Beginner Bets

If you are new to Football betting you need to start by creating a solid foundation for yourself. You need to start by choosing the best sportsbook platform. Choose a platform which offers live betting across all sports, mobile app technology, secure payment methods and an interactive live stats dashboard to keep up to date at all times. You can also score a big betting bonus on all major sports betting platforms.

Start Placing Bets

The simplest bet players can make is the half time (HT) and full time (FT) bets. Simply choose who is winning at half time and who you predict to win the match. Note by placing both bets even if you are favouring a team to win by placing both bets you are still choosing combined odds and these bets are not mutually exclusive of each other. To win your bet your chosen team will need to score more goals in both halves.

Intermediate Bets

Once you’ve picked your preferred platform and mastered the basics of football it’s time to start exploring different leagues or divisions. The bigger the league, the higher the betting limits and the bigger your odds will payout! Now you can start diving deeper into more complex live sports betting tactics:

  • Accumulator Bets: Used for higher odds through multiple bets
  • Back & Lay betting:  A “back”- bets on a certain outcome of a game, whereas a “lay”- bets against that same outcome.
  • Double Chance Bets: A mutually exclusive betting method on the probability that one of two events will happen.
Football Betting - Learn how to make money on Live Betting Platforms

Advanced Football Bets

Now that you have a grasp on the best teams and players its time to create your fantasy football team. Remember, football is not an individual sport it takes a team to score goals and if a team is centred around one performing player the likelihood of that player getting injured means the whole team goes down so look for teams that have dynamic players both offensively and defensively and widen the net on your bets.

  • Head-to-head betting: You back one individual player/team against another.
  • Handicap bets: Gives the advantage to the ‘obvious’ weaker team (handicap) and expects that the favoured team will overcome the advantage
  • Hedging: Allows you to buy and sell a bet

These basic strategies will put you ahead of the game to some major goals on any live betting sports platform!